The Reflectories were developed to promote competencies in Global Learning. Within the framework of Global Learning, students should be able to recognize and understand global interrelationships, develop and apply standards of value, and have the ability to intervene in the development of complex systems to manage them in a sustainable manner. The Reflectories are intended to illustrate connections and interactions within complex systems. On the basis of audio contributions, images and text material, students reflect on various options for action, weigh them up and finally make a decision. Ecological, economic, social and political interrelations are highlighted and applied on a global, national and local level.

The following materials are supposed to support you in preparing and revising the Reflectories in your lessons and give suggestions. Reflectories can be carried out in individual, partner or group work, if necessary also in the plenum. Depending on the social form, arguments and discussions will already take place during the course. By appropriate follow-up work, the focus can be put on different competences (e.g. system competence through the visualisation of decisions and consequences in a concept map, or evaluation competence through the elaboration of values and norms, on which the different decisions are based).

The respective structure tree provides you with an overview of possible decision paths.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions and feedback on the materials and Reflectories – please contact us.

Thank you very much for your support

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